About the ITDB About the ITDB

The ITDB (International TIR Data Bank) was introduced by the UNECE TIR secretariat in 1999, in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the TIR Executive Board (TIRExB) established by the TIR Administrative Committee. The ITDB is an international repository of information concerning all persons authorized by Contracting Parties to use the TIR procedure. In line with Annex 9, Part II of the TIR Convention, the UNECE TIR secretariat maintains the ITDB and ensures that all Contracting Parties can access and control the contact information as well as the status of TIR Holders (approval, withdrawal, end of activity or exclusion). The main goal of the ITDB is to foster the exchange of information between competent authorities of Contracting Parties and national associations. It also serves the purpose of one of the five pillars of the TIR Convention: the controlled access to the TIR system.

Since 2017, the ITDB also contains the electronic UNECE register of customs sealing devices and customs stamps with the aim to provide TIR customs focal points and customs officers in the field with an on-line facility to check customs sealing devices and customs stamps (in English, French and Russian). The TIR secretariat maintains and updates the register in accordance with a mandate from the TIR Executive Board (TIRExB).